Improving English and Arabic Speaking skills

Raising Up Humanity has commissioned a team of qualified educators to train, equip, and mobilize an academic oriented staff at the Sunrise Education Center in Palestine. The Sunrise Education Center employs a combination of English speaking teachers, and volunteers from all over the world with well-qualified, local, Palestinian educators, to form an active learning environment.  We provide Arabic and English language courses for children and adults from beginner to advanced levels.

At Sunrise, we are committed to creating a learning environment that is built on unique and professional teaching methods, so that we can provide you with stronger language foundations and fluency.  Our program is Messiah-centered, relationship oriented, and we strive for academic excellence.

The Sunrise Education Center was designed to supplement RUH ministry needs, create a few jobs in a struggling economy, as well as to help learners improve their English and Arabic speaking skills.

Class fees are heavily subsidized, and lower income students are often awarded financial scholarships and discounts.

Raising Up Humanity is a California based, nonprofit organization that runs %100 off the generosity of people like you and me.  Your donation will continue to help provide the Sunrise Education Center with the resources it needs to sustain employment, improve courses, and bless its ministry objectives.

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