El Yad El Yomna

leaving a lasting impact

The purpose of El Yad El Yomna is to share the love of Yesua through charitable acts of encouragement to the people of Bet Sahour.

The Bible testifies that when Yesua was raised from the dead he was given a place at the right hand (el yad el yomna) of God. We learn that Yesua’s position at the right hand of God is far above all things, and it is from the right hand of God that Yesua intercedes on behalf of humanity (cf. Acts 7:55-56, Romans 8:34, Ephesians 1:20, Colossians 3:1). Since spiritual intercession is more than just charitable acts, El Yad El Yomna is also a tool in helping the people of Bet Sahour see Yesua’s true face.

Our vision is to distribute resources that will assist with the basic life needs of the people in Bet Sahour: food, shelter, clothing, sanitation, healthcare, and education. Unfortunately, this generic but noble vision can spread far and wide. As such, our narrowed vision this season is to assist the people of Bet Sahour, who are in particular need of financial help towards medicinal care (i.e. medicine).

El Yad El Yomna has created a system where qualified recipients (i.e. sick and needy) can receive a medical assistance package. The package includes a $150 pharmacy coupon, as well as a small medical supplies package.  The coupons are distributed with a small message of hope and a promise to keep the sick in prayer.

El Yad El Yomna operates 100% through generous donations from friends, family, churches, and other organizations who care to see the sick and needy people of Palestine be given some relief.  If you'd like to donate to El Yad El Yomna just click the link below.

Thank you!