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Do you offer tours?

Yes. However, we are not a tour/vacation company!  Our trips to Israel are educational and ministerial, with focuses on Christian principles.  They are designed with four major components: learning the land, experiencing the culture, encountering the people, and connecting with the Raising Up Humanity mission.

Standard Tour:

Our Standard Tour is arranged categorically. The sites are hand-selected based on proximity, allotted time needed to explore, overall connection to major regions and/or themes, and the local conditions of the country.  We do our best to present a broad scope of Biblical Israel in just a short amount of time. Click here for a sample of our Standard Tour Itinerary.

Service Tours:

Our Service tours take on a different character.  These charity/humanitarian tours last a minimum of one-month to a maximum three months (eleven weeks) of living and serving in the region.  All Service Tours are focused 90% on Christ-centered ministry activity in Israel. They also include smaller portions of our Standard Tour.  All Service Tours are tax-deductible.

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